Untrue sex chat

As to the turn-off, I guess it was just that she was my mother and I her son, so why would I feel anything other than that?

It was the "correct "order of things, the way things "ought" to be and I was an inexperienced kid with plenty of other new stuff to explore sexually.

That’s why half of my questions are versions of: “He sleeps with me, but-“, “He says he loves me, but-“, “We had an amazing date, but-“.

One of the most important – and frustrating – concepts that women need to get about men is that most things have NO meaning, beyond what’s being conveyed in the moment.

Just because he wants a serious relationship doesn’t mean he wants one with YOU.

Just because he has fun with you doesn’t mean he wants you as his girlfriend.

If you immediately go into relationship mode right after our first sexual encounter, we will have a tendency to lose interest.

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By way of background, I just ended a three month relationship with a man whom I met online because he did not want to be exclusive.

I prefer a realistic account where ever possible, it's usually more exciting that way - if it's true then it's believable and believable is more fun, well for me anyway. Like many (even like most, I imagine) people I used to be revolted by the thought of my parents having sex or anything like that - I realised they were entitled to, of course, but the idea just turned me off as did the very notion of anything sexual to do with my Mum.

As a teenager in the 1970's if I was masturbating (which I frequently was) any interruption such as Mum shouting up the stairs to me or passing across my view if I was wanking about the woman next door from my bedroom window was a guaranteed cock-softener.

If it’s just a clever way to find booty calls, why don’t they go on Adultfriendfinder or Craigslist? Most men can tell a story about how they weren’t looking for anything serious and then fell in love.

If I want a bona fide relationship, should I just ignore these men when they contact me? And most men can tell a story about how they were looking for love, but discovered they had a lot of fun being single.